Friday, August 6, 2010


since some of you out there do ask for the strawberry for 8520!! here it is!! looks good, as per usual!
this one consist of:
- metallic pink housing
- OEM white screen cover
- OEM white keypad
- rainbow backlight

total cost = RM160

**PLEASE NOTE** changing housing for 8520 will void ur warranty. installation process should take about 15-20mins.
but rest assured that when u leave with ur phone, it will be functioning 100%. the keypad types like original keypad also.

a very tiny, pretty girl!! of course a friend of mine now, haha ohhhhh all the ppl i meet! i love my job! anyways, u can check out her blog, pretty cute right? lol btw, I LOVE THE SONG ON HER PAGE!! i'd read her blog... but its mostly in malay, and i cant read BM... FML =(
but if u can, check it out >>>>>>> H E R E <<<<<<<

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