Monday, August 9, 2010


ORIGINAL SCREEN, black in color. please note that the top screen cover (glass part) and the actual LCD is one piece, cannot replace just one or the other. if u dont want to scratch ur screen (and they will scratch), just buy a screen protector. RM10 for the cheapest one.

if you bought a whiteberry from the stores, u will have a white rim around the screen, that is different from this, but as long as ur code in the back is matching, then you can use it.

9700 has 2 types of screen (dont ask me why, i dont know either...), i must know which screen to order for you. you can find this out from the BACK of the LCD. you may come see me and i will find out for you. i will try to keep one of each with me at all time. but if sold out, then must order in.
-002/111 or -004/111

RM 320

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