Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, some of you dont know, and some of u wonder. but just let me clear it out for you guys. housing of course got grades, like A grades, and well, ....crap-grades. below is a series of pics, and its a comparison between a good one, and a bad one, for 8520 screen covers. i've had a few ppl requesting other color screen covers other than the ones i offer here that is OEM quality. if u want other colors, i can get it for you, but have a look at the quality first before u order from me. for SURE 10 out of 10 ppl after see the crap-grade then come and complain before i install for them how crappy it is, then it is MY fault. OH I WONDER WHY??!? have a look below =D

there is bubble between the top screen and the bottom screen. (left)

the symbols looks completely different...

you can also tell from the backside.

u can see how flimsy it is on the top one.

another view. as u can see it doesnt even hold straight. how will it look on ur bb?

another view.

the color difference.

then of course, the lettering. it can instantly make ur bb look like a crapberry.

the colored screen on top is soo thin it looks like u can rip it from pressing it too many times.

anyways, conclusion?
the decision is still up to you. order whats on this blog, and get what is pictured. if u want others, yes, i can get it. but u've been warned!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


so i have a bit of time last week to finish off this experiment. some of u might remember that a little while back i tried to change the color trackpad to red, and the result wasn't so successful.

actually it was, it tracked perfectly fine, both time! but faced a problem. the problem was that the colored cap (pic 1) was actually thicker in every corner, thus making it very tight, and sits higher when it is held in with the keypad. this obviously is not good.
because when you press the Menu or Back key closer to the trackpad area, it also presses down on the trackpad's enter button. this gets annoying.... i tried to adjust this problem, for 2 hours. but still couldnt find a good solution. i tried to thin out the layers around the keypad area, also didnt work. tried to thin out the trackpad's outer rim, also didnt work.

well, trackpad cap can be changed. but it involves so much work, and the color is barely noticeable since it doesnt light up. not worth my time to change for you guys. b/c i will not charge cheap for this as again, it takes up alot of time.
my suggestion is..... wait for update #3. haha have a good day!!



well i got bored of it pretty quickly. so i added more parts to it. and i've pretty much modded my phone from top to bottom. lol here are the parts for this transformation!
-chrome blue top cover
-chrome blue bottom cover
-chrome blue middleplate
-blue trackpad cap
-blue metal centerpiece back cover
-matte white back cover
-matte white bezel
-white keypad
-rainbow color backlight

ehh.... im still debating if i want to replicate this. the housing, no problem. but the trackpad maybe not. anyways, to replicate this w/o the trackpad will cost around RM200


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


adding a few more to the list!! the chrome pink is pretty sweet i think!! or a very subtle change of the back cover, red snake skin!! =D
email me if u want a replica!!


oh, that picture.... just goes to show changing this bezel is NOT easy. haha
well, just 2 phones. not alot of storm users out there. this post is for you. =) changing bezel is RM120 including installation.


finally got some 8520 to show off! =D not much u can fusion with the gemini, but its not shabby at all. email me with pics if u want a replica!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

9700 EXAMPLES!!!

yeaaaa! more new examples!! these are pretty cool, i love what i do. haha order urs now!
email me if u wana replicate any of these housings.