Wednesday, June 9, 2010


well well, its my birthday month!! its creeping up fast!! so obviously this weekend i will be K.O.'ed! so on saturday (june 12th) i will be out all day, and sunday(june 13th) is recovery day. (so please understand if im slow/non-responsive for these 2 days!) i expect to be annihilated saturday night! party will be at Zouk Mainroom! come say hi if ur there!

ON OTHER NEWS!! i am workin' on a new blogshop =D by popular demand, i present to you guys .... - -!! needless to say, its all about apple products! meaning, iphones, ipads, ipods, anything =) its not much right now, STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTIONS! so check back often, if u own an apple products, or know anyone that does, it makes great presents!

oh, about the shop! its still under negotiation/consideration! still deciding on where the shop should be located. mall or shoplot? hmm decisions decisions.... but yes, business card coming up soon! be sure to ask for one next time u see me! =D

until next time! take care! and for the boys, yes i know ur gonna steal that picture for ur bb wallpaper. hahaha for ze girlssss, hope u like my taste! check below!!


Sharon said...

ipod touch cases soon! :)
i checked out your site, you've got nice cases for cheap prices!! will definitely check back and await ipod touch cases soon :)

Eric said...

heyy i got them!! go to
well, i havent posted it yet, but soon i will k? gimme some time! =D

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