Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, some of you dont know, and some of u wonder. but just let me clear it out for you guys. housing of course got grades, like A grades, and well, ....crap-grades. below is a series of pics, and its a comparison between a good one, and a bad one, for 8520 screen covers. i've had a few ppl requesting other color screen covers other than the ones i offer here that is OEM quality. if u want other colors, i can get it for you, but have a look at the quality first before u order from me. for SURE 10 out of 10 ppl after see the crap-grade then come and complain before i install for them how crappy it is, then it is MY fault. OH I WONDER WHY??!? have a look below =D

there is bubble between the top screen and the bottom screen. (left)

the symbols looks completely different...

you can also tell from the backside.

u can see how flimsy it is on the top one.

another view. as u can see it doesnt even hold straight. how will it look on ur bb?

another view.

the color difference.

then of course, the lettering. it can instantly make ur bb look like a crapberry.

the colored screen on top is soo thin it looks like u can rip it from pressing it too many times.

anyways, conclusion?
the decision is still up to you. order whats on this blog, and get what is pictured. if u want others, yes, i can get it. but u've been warned!

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