Tuesday, November 30, 2010


mmm.... well, i had these candy colors for awhile, but never actually want to sell them, due to 2 reasons.

1) these color dont have clear coat protection, thus are more prone to scratches and fading. (and no, i dont make these housings, so i cannot just spray clear coat on them... ) due to the design of this phone, the bezel and back cover gets a lot of stress from normal wear and tear. i also dont know how long they will last because i dont use a 9000 anymore, so i cant put a day-to-day stress test =( and to be honest, it all comes down to the user. =)

2) the keypad on these matte color finishing is a 50/50 chance of stiff keypad when you get it. im sorry but i cant order 10 n let you pick the best one, as the rate of getting a stiff one is quite high.

but anyways, here you go!! below is baby blue, and baby pink. there is also purple as well. (pic of that soon to come)


the above one dominate color is baby blue! and the below one dominate color is pink! take ur pick!!

sooo, order away if u dont mind! i've given all the information i can. not holding back on ya. =)

anyways, as for how much?

1 color set = RM130
mixed color set = RM150
trackball = RM30


sooo nice!! i love it! if i had a 9700 this would be the housing for the month!! lol
anyways, this is a candy blue fusion with pearl white. owner of this phone also upgraded to the the OEM (ori) version of the keypad, and added in rainbow backlight!

total cost of this creation is = RM230

Saturday, November 27, 2010

HausofBiB.com COMING SOON!!!!

CHECK IT OUTTTT!! omggg i cant wait for it to be done!!
anyways, i got someone to work on my www.hausofbib.com and i JUST got the mock up of what it'll look like!! pretty friggin sweeeeetttt!! i love it! and i thought i'd share with y'all! its everything i asked for, and more! the website wouldnt be up until late December. so stay tuned! and currently going thru major upgrade and transition, so if im a little slow on the online update, bear with me!! hehe

this new website will have easier navigation (i know i know, its messy in here right now...) for sure okay? hahaha i know thats lacking. thus the investment into this .com!
also this new website will carry apple stuff!! the likes of iphones, ipods, ipads etc etc.


Thursday, November 25, 2010


well, below is a series of purple mixes!!
if you like purple, this post is for you!! (hm, well actually, u can replace the puple with any color u like if u want. haha just that these are examples, thats all!)

the above housing is a FULL CANDY PURPLE housing change. the keypad was a good one =D

total cost = RM 180

the above housing is a LILAC PURPLE housing change. the lilac purple keypad was too stiff, so owner opted for a pearl white keypad instead =D

total cost = RM 180

the above housing consists of:

- pearl white top cover
- pearl white bottom cover
- chrome purple bezel
- chrome purple back cover with mirror finishing (custom)

total cost = RM 150

the above housing consists of:

- matte purple bezel + top cover + bottom cover set
- matte purple back cover

total cost = RM 100

the above housing consists of:

- pearl white top cover
- pearl white bottom cover
- pearl white keypad
- matte candy purple bezel
- matte candy purple back cover with white center

total cost = RM 150

the above housing consists of:

- matte candy purple top cover
- matte candy purple bottom cover
- matte candy purple bezel
- matte candy purple back cover
- pearl white middleplate
- pearl white keypad
*note* white screen is owner's oem version, not included in housing price.

total cost = RM 200

*optional non-middleplate change*
the above housing consists of:

- chrome purple top cover
- chrome purple bottom cover
- chrome purple middleplate
- pearl white bezel
- pearl white keypad
- pearl white back cover w/ purple metal center (custom)
- rainbow backlight

total cost = RM 240 (w/o middleplate change rm190)