Saturday, November 20, 2010


well thanks to you guys, BlackBerryHousing is finally expanding!! i have to really thank each and everyone of you. i have been working this full time since April 2010. it is now November 2010. thats 8 months!! and it has been really, REALLY busy. but i cant complain!! what turned out to be just a hobby is now turning into a full blown business. =D
its been really good to me, although i work the moment i wake up, to going out to see clients here and there, til when i sleep in the early AM's (u guys would know if u realize the timestamp on my replies of ur emails -.-)
i now get average of 30-40 emails per day, and i talk to 40-50 people on bbm daily. that is A LOT of typing on my little blackberry!! i now have over 1400 BBM contacts and growing. so please bare with me if i reply slower than usual =( i now only have my blackberry permanently on vibrate mode. haha

BUT FRET NO MORE!! i have saved up enough, and no more investors, doing it solo! i have
finally secure a location that is PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME!! i cant wait to start working from there!! move in date is in the middle of December! comin right up!! so, where is it?!


in case you dont know where Bangsar is, below is a map for you to seee!!

A closer look!!

yup, right there! how fucking awesome is that?! im soooo stoked to MOVE IN!! oh, yes. it is a house. im gonna be living upstairs, and you guys are welcome to my home while you witness your baby going thru the plastic surgery. *insert silicone valley jokes*
the location is right across from the pet shop/DHL/Post office. just across from the shop lot itself, IM SURE YOU WONT MISS IT!! lol

there will be car parks available at the house, so u dont need to look for parking!! well, please dont bring a gang of 10 people with 5 cars, cuz most likely i can have bout 2-3 car slot available at all time for you to visit.
please dont park ur car there if u are not coming inside, because i will egg the cars parked there that i dont recognize, or let out all the air in the tires, maybe even perhaps draw happy faces on the hood with my keys.
cuz those spaces are for YOU guys visiting me, so YOU get a car park when u come. not some inconsiderate assholes.... -.-"

i will cease to go around town anymore and meet you guys, unfortunately. now you guys will have to come to me! i have picked a very very nice location for everybody around KL to travel to. i am considering to still make house/office calls for extra charges though. *considering*

BBH will only be open on appointment bases. no fixed operating hours as of yet. so to see me, u still need to call me and let me know, best to make appointments. call at least 30mins before you come, just so i know =D and why? because its safer for me that way, as it is my home after all. also you will get more attention from me to work on your phone, because you want me to concentrate on your phone, right?! ;)

another thing is, BBH will soon be known as BiB. because soon i will take up iphones as well. iphones, and BB, hence the name =D yes, u heard it right, there will be a section devoted to iphones stuff, still a work in progress! but yes, for BiB, i even have the logo designed!! yes, i designed it. although credit to Cheryl Wong to help me with it on Illustrator =) take a look below!

its just preliminary. still working on more designs....

WOW!! thats a lot to digest! i have been working damn hardddd, and its always been just me, myself and i! i believe it is time to get someone on board with me! so, what do i propose?!

i need someone thats.........:
* 18 - 25 yrs old
* blackberry lover
* out-going, out-spoken
* eager to learn
* have own transport
* good with computers, typing (web-designing, photoshop skills are a Bonus!)
* knows how to operate a DSLR (will need u to be taking pics with my cam)
* people's person =D
* clean, organized, and punctual
* can converse in Bahasa Malaysia (cuz i cant... damn sad)
* dog friendly (cuz i have a dog... Alfie!)

there will be 2 types of pay structure to choose from.
i) higher basic, low commission. ii) lower basic, high commission.

- ur gonna need to enjoy a good party.... work hard, play harder =D
- learn everything there is to know about a blackberry, inside and out.
- flexible hours
- build ur own customer base
- grow with BiB as we will definitely go up from here on out!
- get ready to be popular!
- can FB, Twitter, BBM while working, how cool is that?
- learn how to operate a DSLR!
- optional : move into the small room upstairs! be a housemate! =)



Memer said...

Are you turning to iPhone now??
Why? Why? LOL
Anyways, congratulations on the opening of your very own BiB house!!!

jay muhazar said...

congrats! but if before december still can go around town?

Sherwyn Chin said...


to those 'you' that like to FFK, you are the reason why he is not moving around anymore.

anyways, congrats!!! =)

judith said...

Congrax and keep up the good work. Blackberry repair

andy said...

AWESOME!!!! congrats eric!

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