Saturday, November 27, 2010 COMING SOON!!!!

CHECK IT OUTTTT!! omggg i cant wait for it to be done!!
anyways, i got someone to work on my and i JUST got the mock up of what it'll look like!! pretty friggin sweeeeetttt!! i love it! and i thought i'd share with y'all! its everything i asked for, and more! the website wouldnt be up until late December. so stay tuned! and currently going thru major upgrade and transition, so if im a little slow on the online update, bear with me!! hehe

this new website will have easier navigation (i know i know, its messy in here right now...) for sure okay? hahaha i know thats lacking. thus the investment into this .com!
also this new website will carry apple stuff!! the likes of iphones, ipods, ipads etc etc.



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