Tuesday, November 16, 2010


i did it!! the first housing change for torch!! there were a few kinks, but nothing i couldnt fix. i guess my experience have served me well on this one! there were a bit of complications with vibrate unit, but its fixed after reopening it. and side buttons were a bit tight, but that was fixed too. this series of housings in particular, feels and fit like the original.
i wouldnt say this housing change was too difficult for me. should be 10-20 mins in total i think.
i didnt manage to change the keypad this time around. but that will happen on the next housing change. same with the whole front screen part. so stay tuned on that one!!

below is the sample colors i will be getting. bigger pics up soon.

RM150 each set, including installation.

*please note that changing the middleplate will void ur warranty! the middleplate is the same line as the side buttons and camera*


Ryan said...

Hey I live in New York and can I purchase a housing from you and how hard is it to change and what tools are required?

b.lee_m3 said...

as I can contact you

dariusz said...

I did this too, but I would not recommend it to anybody unless you want to finish with broken phone. You have to move parts from old housing to the new one. Originally this parts are glued with double sided tape. You will be not able to reuse the tape. You will lost forever the seal around the camera lens (so the dirt would go over there in the future. The vibrator is not a problem, just move the rubber part from the old casing. Side buttons are held by soldering (melting) little plastic pins so you have to cut it out and solder in new case.
Ok. I went a little further and change the front as well. It cost me additional screen ($30) because the screen is stick with tape on whole its surface and it is impossible to remove it without bending it. Except the screen the rest is almost easy. The digitizer (touchscreen) is glued to the casing with double sided foam-like tape. To remove it you need to cut with tin plastic NOT metal (I used the NYC metro card)through the tape. In some place you may cut the connection wire tape (is located just on the left side of BB logo on the top of the screen and is 5mm wide 1/4 inch), so be careful. The replacement tape is necessary to put it back so I stayed with disassembled phone for 2 days waiting for parts.
To do it (change front and back) you have to be patient, ready for spending FEW hours and be prepared for the worst., re-taping, cleaning old glue, gluing, and plastic soldering... If anyway someone needs details I can share.

Nisreen said...

I changed my BB Torch black housing cover to white. it is really hard to do it . too much parts to move. the problem I have now that my LCD torch screen is broken . dont know how it happened and I need the adhesive tape for the didgitizer screen . where did you find it? now I have 2 things to replace. new screen and the adhesive tape :(

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