Wednesday, November 3, 2010


you know, even though bold 2 has some pretty good battery usage if ur not on 3G. but sometimes, its still not enough for a full day's usage. SO HOW?! =*(

alright, the other day i saw these, and i thought it was pretty cool. obviously it is not for everybody. first reason being its size. it is quite a monster! but u know what, it does the job. it charges the phone, and does not interfere with the usage of the phone. in fact, it is quite nice to type on when its bulkier. haha


anyways, check it out!
side by side view

slotted in, and pressed the center button to see the charge level of the backpack

side view

back view

back angle

alright, i waited until my phone was yellow bars...
charge time started at 2:44am.

then i watched a movie, and forgot i had this in!! -.- BATT FULL!
anyways, it probably finished at about 4am-ish. (cuz the last i checked was 3:50am and it was still goin)

i think this charger is pretty awesome! the charge it hold was kind of what i expected for its size. although i only tried it once, im sure it is useful to some of you out there. but for the price, i honestly think that u might as well better off to buy an extra battery from me, AND an external battery charger for the 10bucks cheaper. =\ check HERE

p.s. dont ask me about the purple/white housing yet. will post soon =D


arif90 said...

can this charger used for 8520?

Cik Tiraa said...

awesome! do u still have this?

Scottyboy02041995 said...

What's the power capacity?

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