Thursday, June 24, 2010


so i have a bit of time last week to finish off this experiment. some of u might remember that a little while back i tried to change the color trackpad to red, and the result wasn't so successful.

actually it was, it tracked perfectly fine, both time! but faced a problem. the problem was that the colored cap (pic 1) was actually thicker in every corner, thus making it very tight, and sits higher when it is held in with the keypad. this obviously is not good.
because when you press the Menu or Back key closer to the trackpad area, it also presses down on the trackpad's enter button. this gets annoying.... i tried to adjust this problem, for 2 hours. but still couldnt find a good solution. i tried to thin out the layers around the keypad area, also didnt work. tried to thin out the trackpad's outer rim, also didnt work.

well, trackpad cap can be changed. but it involves so much work, and the color is barely noticeable since it doesnt light up. not worth my time to change for you guys. b/c i will not charge cheap for this as again, it takes up alot of time.
my suggestion is..... wait for update #3. haha have a good day!!


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