Saturday, August 14, 2010


someone saw my Blue Athena, and wanted one, but a little different. so i suggested Blue Athena Reversed! showed him some sample pics, and he loved it. i'd say this set is pretty unisex. sold 2 sets only so far. quite rare! but of course, if u want a really rare one, come up with ur own combination! =D few notes on this set:

- the back cover is fusion together using 2 back covers
- the side buttons using original ones
- keypad will type just as well as original
- fitting will fit really good too as u can see from the pics
- it will be slightly heavier cuz the back cover centre piece is metal, chrome finish! so can use as a mirror! lol
- middleplate change will void ur warranty
- the chrome blue can be replaced with ur fav color

installation time should be a little under 30mins if everything goes smoothly. prefer to perform this surgery at my house, since i have everything here. =D

this combination will set u back RM200

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guyanese_gangster03 said...

i would like to do something like this with my phone

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