Tuesday, August 24, 2010


well, i personally love love LOVEEEE this combination!! especially how the blue light seeps thru the chrome silver keypad!! it just looks so awesome. =D

now the good comments out of the way, whats the review?!!
the fitting is perfect. color is perfect. but as some of u already know, having chrome have a little bit of a problem. fingerprint magnet!! hahaha
oohhhh and i have to mention this, the keypad. it looks really really goood. but to be honest, it doesnt compare to the original feel when you type. i believe it is something to do with the coating of the chrome though, out of my control, guys. with that said, i do still have clients that are quite okay with the feel. and would say "oh not that bad actually". but thats subjective.

dont get me wrong, it can still type, but sometimes, some keys are harder to press, like slightly stiffer. so please dont expect it to perform exactly like ur original one, so please understand. anyways, UP TO YOU. i will only replace the keypad IF it is not functioning. not because YOU dont like the feel of a certain key, i do not have 10 keypads of each colors so u can try until u find the one u like, like u finding a wife like that -.-
another alternative is to use your own keypad, or a white keypad. all same price. =)

anyways, this combination will cost you = RM160

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