Tuesday, October 5, 2010


well well well, its been 1 year!! ONE YEARR!! crazzyyy!!!!
anyways, i would like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYBODY that i've met and beautified ur blackberries in any ways. thank you for choosing me. i am DEEEEPLY honored.

you know, i started this blogspot exactly 1 year ago, just as a hobby!! at the time, i wanted to make my blackberry to a whiteberry (bold 9000), and there was NOWHERE in malaysia that offer this service! i was a bit bummed out. and at the time blackberry users were minimal. i was always so happy walking pass a food court or in a restaurant, seeing other blackberry users. tempted to approach them to introduce the website. but to this day, i havent done that yet. haha but yeah, i now do this FULL-TIME. i wake up, eat, shower, sleep, everyday i have to help you guys love your blackberry more! =D

but then every month after that, u see blackberry users grew exponentially! nowadays, when i walk down a food court or a walk by a restaurant, ALL I SEE is at least one person per table will have a blackberry in average. you dont even ask for people's number anymore... "hey whats ur Pin?"

i think its a good thing. blackberries bring people closer together. for you ladies, its like having ur girlfriends in the palm of ur hand at ALL times, especially in a group chat. for the guys, u can group ur 'girls' in one group, and 'bros' in another.
thus making ALL of you anti-social. haha admit it!! i knowwww i ammmm!! -.-
yes, i do understand that blackberry is NOT just a phone to its owner, its more than that. its your baby, your dearest, ur love, ur LIVELIHOOD.

you know who u are, u wake up to ur blackberry, and its bbm to ur love ones, or to tweet about what time u just woke up, and to update ur facebook status. etc etc...
for me, my blackberry has become my life! i might as well been dead for those 2 days that i was without my bb! i find myself distant from my friends w/o blackberries..... (like wtf, get urself one laaa, everybody has one!) because i only msg ppl on my bbm for any and everything! i have met a lot of my friends from my job, and now best of friends. who would've thought?
see, blackberry has become SUCH an important accessory in ur life that you just cant live without it. you lug it around with you day in and day out, it only make sense that u dress it up to, and personalize it!! well, many MANY of you have done that already. i swear i have done probably over 1000+ phones for the past year, easily! so thank you for choosing me!!

and with that said, choosing WHO to perform the plastic surgery on ur blackberry housing is also very important! yes, im sure you can change it urself (i mean, after all, i did). but if u break it urself, who are u gonna blame? lol people choose me for a reason, i think its because im more experienced, and i really do care for ur blackberry. and if its not worth it, i will tell you straight up. and i will tell you what is good, and what is not. i will tell you exactly how it is, and wont lie to you about anything. even after u change, if you've got problem, u can always come back and i will fix it for you.

is it safe? in short answer, YES. but thats not to say nothing will go wrong 100% of the time. after all, i am dismantling ur phone to its bare bone and reassemble it back together. my experience will only minimize the chances of failure, not completely avoiding it. but, u can expect your phone will function properly 100%. i've seen it all and done it all. =) there is a reason why u pay me to install these housings for you right? lol dont worry, u get to watch it go down in front of ur eyes ;)

anyways, thank you all again for all the support! looking forward to serve you guys another year!! =D


Jamie Wong said...

i feel like getting a BB now. lol.

Burger Hunting Mission said...

very nice review :)
ive addin u in my bbm request.plz check :)

JD said...

I should have sent my 8900 for you to fix the trackball problem. Regret now.

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