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A: depends, some phones can preserve warranty, like the 9700 can be preserved very easily. They can only void ur warranty if the seal sticker that’s covering the screw is broken. Or that the watercolor sticker turns red. So it all depends on the sticker and how its stuck on there. Some can, some cannot.

but yes, it is safe to say that opening ur phone, ur warranty can expect it to be void.

Another thing u need to know about warranty is, sure they give u 1 year warranty, and some of them works perfectly, they change u a new phone on the spot, or takes just 2 weeks to fix. But that doesn’t apply to everyone though.

lets be real, I’ve had customers that works in Digi, Maxis, Celcom, and they even send their customers to me simply because they will tell you, sending it to Singapore (which is where the authorized manufacturer) for repair, it will take 2-3 weeks for diagnose, 1-2 month to fix, so in all, u could be WITHOUT ur phone for 3 months tops. Just so u can save the RM30 trackball fix? Or even ur new screen for RM300? In the beginning, I thought of the same, but now, I think, fuck the warranty, there is nothing I cant fix, and if its some damage I cannot fix it, im pretty sure its not covered in the warranty. I cant live w/o my bb for more than one day, let alone MONTHS!

But im not asking u to disregard ur warranty, this is just my opinion =D

I think the question is, are u willing to be without ur phone for 1-3 MONTHS just so you can save RM30 – 500?


Carl Iskandar said...

really u can avoid being void?wow that's marvelous man..sure i contact u once i receive my BB..still waiting for the stock huhu

Anonymous said...

I AGREE!! i work super closely with Celcom yet they cant do much about fixing my blackberry. they asked me to go to Bluecube. Bluecube will diagnose it for 1-2 days. They best Bluecube could do is reinstall the operating system. Like i cant do that myself!! If they cant fix it, they will send to singapore and i will get it after a month. next stop... MR Eric!!

Eric said...


alif said...

eric. can you do it if my storm have damnly scrath on all edge? can you make it cool as new one? do i must replace the housing?

Liya said...

Hi, I was wondering how much do you charge to fix or change keyboard and trackpad (bb curve 8250). Liya. x

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