Thursday, October 21, 2010


Once in a while, i come across to people that have an idea. an idea to stand out from the rest. and Hanie is one of them! i dont mind going out of my way, to design and come up with a few ideas and combinations, when you know what you want, at least the colors anyway.
she came to me with a picture, and well.... nevermind, go read her blog!

below is a picture of her idea, and what color combi she would like.

and here is what the concept looks like before put on the phone.

and below is the end result!! looks pretty awesome!!

this is the closest color to the camera as i could find. now u may notice the middleplate is yellow. but this one was the first ever i have to change. the process took a little longer than usual. but still a lab rat. lol cuz the quality was untested and everything wouldnt fit nicely, had to tweak here and there. so yes, i can now change the middleplate color for 8520. but color very limited, and please dont expect the quality to be like the original.

anyway, i promised Hanie i would retire this combination, until she change housing again. haha
this post is just to show case what i can do, if u have a creative mind. =D

so, come up with ur own, 1 of a kind in the world housing. because i GUARANTEE this is THE only one in the world. lol

(oh, for the record, this housing cost her RM200)

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