Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blackberry Torch Launch

Last Saturday (Oct 2),
i attended the Blackberry Torch Official Launch, in SE Asia!!
it was pretty awesome, took place at Westin Hotel in the heart of KL. and most of the clientele that attended were from all the Telco and suppliers, and big shots.
anyways, it wasnt my first time seeing a torch! but still, it is a wicked phone, i wouldnt mind using it!!

long ago, i LOVED the LG slider phone, the one that looks like a mirror finish one. anyways, i loved it, and ever since then, i think slider phones are pretty cool. and this one is touch screen!!
but now, after doing what im doing for 1 year, i just think that, if ur careful with ur phone, then this is pretty good phone for you. but for someone like me, who drops my phone EVERYDAY (by accident ok...) and so happens that once in awhile i will break my screen. -.- (see previous post)
anyways, so i'll DEFINITELY break the screen of this phone if i ever drop it. and the sliding mechanism will probably have problem as well in due time....
but, thats just my opinion! the specs looks wicked though! i wish my 9700 performs just like this one.... =\

the party was exquisite! free flow of drinks of all kind!! my preference of the night was definitely the champagne! =D
of course, unlimited supply of foood. mmmmm now im hungrryyy lol

the presentation for the Torch was innovative i would say. sorry, no video uploaded. lol
this is just part of the crowd that was there. and u can see me in the middle of the shot. =)

i went with my friend Eric , had a good time and checked out the Torch the way it was meant for it to be seen! if u haven't check one out, go to ur nearest mall and hold one in ur hand =D

THANK YOU CELCOM!! for the invites and making this happen! =D

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