Friday, February 5, 2010


first and foremost, i would like to thank EVERYBODY that has ordered from me, this goes out to HUNDREDS of you, literally! without you guys, i wouldn't be able to do what i love to do. and i work 80% on referrals!! dont think i've forgotten about you guys! i always take care of you!! (if ur a repeat customer, please remind me, because i do meet ALOT of you guys in a week!!) which keeps this really interesting! i meet all walks of life, all different trades, different job, different studies, BUT ALL ARE BLACKBERRY LOVERS!! and i love u guys for it!

when this blog went online in NOVEMBER, it is now beginning of February. ONLY THREE MONTHS and this has been growing non-stop. keep them coming!!
u know i will always try to keep u guys happy, always trying to find u guys the best and unique products u dont usually find in stores. this is what this blog is about =)

over the course of the last few weeks, i did think about opening up a store, but then that means overhead cost, and staff, utilities, and advertisements! but decided against it because it would mean the prices of these products will go up, and thats not why i started this blog. i want to keep things affordable, and achievable, most importantly, customizable!!

im glad that alot of u have decided to buy from me, u guys have really great ideas some times! im impressed! keep these ideas coming! i will have a section later to submit me ur own bb photos! =)

**anyway, i need a favor from some of you if u could!**
(yes i know i need a page revamp, please email me if u could help me with this, i have ideas, but i need someone to execute! ONE FREE HOUSING OF UR CHOICE!)

(again, i have ideas, i need someone to design and print them! email me! ONE FREE HOUSING OF UR CHOICE!)

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