Saturday, February 27, 2010

MY NEW 9700!

WELL WELL WELL, it was just a matter of time that i was going to upgrade to 9700.
reason being is that the processor is faster, and i have ALOT of chats open at a time, and alot of contacts, and alot of softwares and apps running at the same time, my bold 9000 wasnt keeping up with me =( another reason why i upgrade is, obviously the camera! and the trackpad. no more effin trackball problem!!
but anyways, here goes!!



this set is composed of 2 sets of bezel, 1 white, 1 red, took the red top cover and bottom cover and put it on the white one, then install. back cover is just a plain white, but thinking of changing it to white/red carbon look soon.

but if u want, this set will cost you around 200rm.

anyways, i posted this up so it gives u guys an idea of what u can do with ur bb!! just use ur imagination!!

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