Saturday, February 27, 2010


well, i feel that i should say something about the quality of changing ur housing and stuff.
alot of you dont know that aftermarket housings actually much like anything aftermarkets, there are GRADES. and im proud to say that stuff on this blog's quality are one of the TOP if not the top on the market. and i do provide good aftercare, if anything wrong, u can always msg me and i will try my best to make u love ur blackberry more. =)

anyway, since this blog has opened, many has follow suit, and even in shopping centers. and yes i have surveyed most of them. and SERIOUSLY, you people should not be buying whats out there. because its EXPENSIVE, some of the quality is just terrible, then u come and tell me they sell it to u for cheaper. well no shit, thats because if i sell those, i could sell it cheaper too!
their back cover is lighter, feels cheaper and plastic-y, top cover letters "blackberry" is crooked, not fitting properly, color easy to come off, keypad feels loose and looks cheap. stuff like that.
BUT MY ADVANTAGE IS, that u are allowed to fully customize ur blackberry!! u can mix and match ur bezel, top cover, bottom cover, back cover. whatever. u get the point. and i get the latest stuff, and the rarest stuff. the quality is honestly tip top, but then alot of u already know that cuz i work alot on referrals, and u've probably seen my handy work before from ur friends. anyways, im thankful for my future customers, and grateful for my past customers. keep them coming!!
ANYWAY, KEEP UR EYES OPEN when u go around and survey the prices and quality. because there are alot out there now. =) but, perhaps instead of walking around, and parking and hoping to find the perfect set up, u could just SPECIAL ORDER THRU HERE! =)
anything just bbm me!

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