Saturday, December 4, 2010


WELL HELLO THEREEE!! first of all, i just wanna say im DAMNNN HAPPPY about the result of this. u'll see why.
anyways, people have been asking me why i havent changed the front part of the housing yet. well thats cuz im missing a screw driver that is FUCKING HARD TO FIND!! T1, its so small that most of the shops/stores dont carry them. but whatever, i make do what i have, for now.

below is a walk thru of what i JUST did tonite! i obviously have a thing for white housings, AND red housing. but since the first change was already red, i decided to just splash on a little white on it. another reason is due to the matte housing color didnt seem to last for me. =( sigh, so hope this pearl white metallic color will last longer.

i was also very curious as to HOW to change the keypad, and key frame, and whether or not it can do RAINBOW on this blackberry..... because the initial assessment of it when i first opened it was pretty daunting.... but anyways, enough talking!! SCROLL DOWWNNNN =D
just me doing my thing.... tearing it down to bare bonesss....

well this is what its all about!! soo excited hahaha

a closer look at the keypad, as you can see, u can actually see thru the letters

back view

the keypad itself is the thinnest i've ever seen it on a blackberry. at first, i thought, hey is this safe/sturdy? but actually, this design eliminates the keys from falling off like all the previous keypads. as well as being so thin, u can actually feel the press of the dome a lot better. its like wearing a thin condom vs thick condom -.-

from the very beginning, they've always used this kind of technology for keypad input. the dome (that silver circle thing on the white sticker) actually has 3 small dots on it for some reason i dont know yet. and as u can see, i accidently ripped the white sticker =( good thing it wasnt connected to a wire or something... phew =\

well how i put this on there and the back light, that is TOP SECRET!!
u cant see how i did that. hahaha and no, i am not teaching anyone.

anyways, CHECK OUT THAT FUCKING RAINBOW!! soooo awesome haha i love it!!

then the homerow buttons, im gonna change it too!!

TADAAAA!!! oh yes, i made the 2 buttons blue as well for the light. haha

mmmmm sooo sexxyyyyy =D

i quite like the combination =D

from this photo, u can actually see the minor gaps from the keyframe and bezel on both side. unfortunately, nothing i can do about this. but my guess is that this is coming from the bezel.


i guess this post just to showcase what i can do. after all, you would want someone who's done it before to work on ur phone. oh and let me tell you, this is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED to do it on ur own if u are not experienced with blackberries tear down.

annndddddd, final question. HOW MUCH?! hahaha well, i have yet to figure out how to charge this, but a replica of my housing would be around RM300 range or a little less.



topeq_zouk said...

Hye you have 9800 Torch housing of colour pink+white?and how about da prize?

massie hafiz said...

hello there.
can u email me any sample of bb torch housing. u can reach me at or u can pm me at fb (goddess mass).

warm regard

muhammad hasbullah said...

Love the design....I would like to buy that housing and oso the rainbow keypad....

muhammad hasbullah said...

Can u PM me the exact price for the housing red + white....& also for the keypad...with the price for installation....

Kash said...

PM me too for the price of the housing as pictured without keypad and installastion ? please. thanks.

Sasha Smith said...

I'm using 9320??

Ordel Joseph said...

I would like to purchase a rainbow keypad contact me ASAP pin:25E7A860

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