Wednesday, December 22, 2010


alright, finding myself some time to update a little. these are the transparent housing i was talking about awhile back. comes in 5 colors. black, purple, pink, yellow, red (not pictured yet). as you can see, none of them comes with keypad. so either u use or own, or just buy a keypad that is of the same color. obviously it aint gonna be transparent. -.-
these housings are pretty good if u mix them up. like just use the middleplate of this transparent. it'll look cool =D
and also, i would like to add in, that the housing wont be chipped of its color, because as you can see, its molded in this color. but it does feel a bit thinner though. so i would assume it will crack if it lands the wrong way. just dont drop ur phone! haha or buy a case =D

RM 150/set (no keypad)

but yeah, u can see an example here below! its a pink one.

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