Sunday, April 11, 2010


well shit, somebody has to do it. if i dont do it, i dont know who else would. haha anyways, here goes! i ordered a brand spankin' new OEM chassis, and experiment on this transplant to see how hard can it be.....


after what seems like an hour or so of trial and error, and VOILA!! done and done! haha it was challenging, but im sure it gets easier everytime. im so glad i didnt fuck it up like the trackpad! haha tested, and worked. =)



as you can see from the pics, the buttons they didnt provide it with matching color, so have to use the ori color. will see if they gonna provide with them later or not. =( also this set of housing's fitting seems to be slightly off. but barely noticeable.

anyways, a whole set like this will set you back 250 - 300rm, parts and installation.
please refrain urself from haggling the price as im sure alot of people out there will agree my price will be cheapest. thanks. =)


DaichiHirano said...

I just did this with my friend's Bold 9700. Thank you for giving me the courage to finally do it LOL

Azahari Rahim said...

do you have problems with the signal after changing the middleplate? :)

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