Sunday, December 13, 2009


well, just to let u guys know, i have switch over to digi. for just the simple fact that they offer rm58 UNLIMITED DATA!!! now thats what im talking about! not this rm120 bullshit maxis is offering. SWITCH TODAY!! get ur money worth. thats why u guys are at this site! haha cheapest deal in town! =D i'd like to thank everyone who's purchased so far, and some of you are loyal customers! thanks for referrals!!
anyways, yes, SWITCH!! it took like 24 hrs to switch, i just walked into digi and told them i wanna switch over. BUT make sure u want the BIS plan, not the 3G unlimited internet plan, cuz the pay is very similar. they give u a new simcard, and u get to keep ur number and everything. so simple my pet monkey can do this. as for the service/coverage, i noticed so far not as good as maxis, but hardly noticable in KL. only noticed when im in elevators.

PEACE OUT! dont forget to order =)

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