Wednesday, December 30, 2009


well im compelled to write a something about DIGI. as some of you might know that i've switched from MAXIS to DIGI in December due to RM58 unlimited BIS access DIGI offer and here is my feedback.
now first off, i have to say, the coverage is just not as good as maxis. with maxis, i will constantly get 3G. when in my office at midvalley inside the building or elevators, at least EDGE. but even then i never really use my blackberry for anything due to limitations of data. (if ur one of the those people who can afford it, or ur company is paying for ur RM120 unlimited from maxis, u can stop reading.)
with DIGI, when inside tall buildings or shopping centre, it will go to EDGE. and in elevators, it will sometimes flat out cut you out. with that said, i have to share my 2cent. listen, when ur in a shopping centre, chances are ur not surfing the net while walking, or that elevator ride is what, 10 seconds long? to me, it doesnt really matter.
with the unlimited data, i find myself using my phone ALOT more than before. in a car, at home, in the wash room, before sleeping, when i wake up. just whenever, i dont have to think about data anymore. and knowing thats its only RM58?!?! pfftt haha its worth it.
chances are, with more people switching, DIGI will be forced to upgrade their infrastructure soon enough. until then, IM A HAPPY DIGI USER. =D

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