Wednesday, September 1, 2010


this one has a orange top cover, bottom cover and a metallic white bezel. the back cover was a bit tricky, had to fusion together from 2 back covers, the white leather wasn't as lucky as this orange one, it was ruined. =( client got the combination from colorwares, then sent me the pic, and ask me to do the same! it wouldve cost him USD159 or something ridiculous like that.
anyways, which is why this housing is RM160

this housing combination is pretty cool if ur favorite color is orange!! pretty much changed everything except for the keypads. the middeplate change will void ur warranty. as you can see u can choose to have either 1 of the 2 different back covers. both also very awesome! what you cant see is the orange backlight for the keypads!
anyways, this replica is RM200.

and if orange is not ur favorite, you can just swap it out with blue, red, pink, green or whatever, u get the point. =D

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