Friday, May 21, 2010


theyre all from china.
and they are good quality.

fyi, if u think about it, u want quality thats from europe, japan, US? like when u buy a car or electronics?
do u actually know how much it is to set up a factory to mass produce stuff like this? how much they have to pay the workers minimum wage? at the end of that, how much do YOU think they would sell the products?

anyways, if u have something against china made stuff, i suggest u should throw out 80% of the stuff in ur home because im pretty sure most of them is made from there. even if ur electronics says "made in US", im 99% sure the guts are all from china.

but when it comes to aftermarket housing, there are only 2 major countries, from CHINA, or Indonesia. even when you buy from a US seller, or European seller, do u actually believe that their stuff is from their own country? i dont think so. in fact, i think RIM themselves outsource their original housings from China.
and because china has that kind of population, they can set up alot of factories. when that happens, it tends to have alot of competition. therefore they have to have the products, CHEAP and GOOD. (tell me thats not what u want....)

so change ur mind a little about china made stuff.... maybe just a little?

thanks, good day.



Anonymous said...

true ;)

Anonymous said...

yes items are cheap when they are made in china but ur price is still unreasonable considering that u dont hv to pay any shop rental.

ive been to indonesia and seen the exact same casings u sell at dirt cheap prices.

Anonymous said...

Are u sure bro they sell cheaper than eric? i've been survey around indonesia's mangga dua market..yup theres a lot seller selling bb casing and housing but nothing cheaper than eric sell.. For silicone casing yes damn cheap but those are very low quality, its so thin..

IMHO, all item sell by eric are really worth the price.

you get my support eric!

Anonymous said...

Im damn sure :)

And im not talking about silicone cases, i can still tell the difference between silicone covers and the hard casings so yeah, no more buying from this guy. so disappointed..

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