Friday, March 5, 2010


this post exist is to educate you guys. ONYX 9700 is taking over by storm (no pun intended). and alot ALOT of blackberry users out there right now, which im glad. BUT BEFORE you decide u wanna change ur housing, please know the following.
ur blackberry 9700 consist of alot of parts that can change, as u can see from my blog.
this is where all the buttons/camera flash/camera is located.

although i can get this part, but i dont sell it cuz i cant install it. (if u wanna buy and try on on ur own, be my guest!)
to change this part, it requires ALOT of work, like hot iron soldering, and bursting some connecting components that could seriously damage ur phone's performance. and honestly guys, when i say its hard to change, it is fucking hard to change. like, im all for customizing and taking chances, but just LOOKING at it makes me not wanna even attempt. until i have confident i can change without fucking it up, i dont think anybody out there has a better idea.

ANOTHER THING the top cover and the bezel.
i need you guys to understand the following. the ORIGINAL housing's bezel and top cover is soldered together (look at the pic). meaning to say, if u want to reuse the top cover, it is not recommended as removing it from the old one will definitely ruin it's connecting component. you could try and ask me to superglue it to ur new bezel, but again, it is not recommended.
SO, when you order ur new bezel from me, please try not to use ur old top cover, IT PROBABLY WONT LOOK NICE. as it wont be as tight or as close as soldering. dont say i didnt warn you. order a new one, or buy a set.
WHEN YOU DO order a top cover and bezel set, item will be soldered in for you before meeting you as i am NOT going to bring around a solder gun to meet you. lol

anyways, hope this was educational for you blackberrian! order away!

**on a side note, if u have a broken 9700, or if u want ur 9700 to be my lab rat, please contact me!**


Annie Truong Le said...

Hi! I'm a proud blackberry user who only had my phone for a few months now, I own the 9700. I recently got my housing changed a few weeks ago to that matte teal color. A few days after getting it done, my phone didn't work! It might have something to do with me dropping it within a few hours or exposing it to -4 degree temperature daily when i went to camp for a few days. Long story short, I went back to the housing store and they said they werent responsible for it breaking, something with the motherboard being fried? :S I already sent my phone into my phone carrier and am currently getting it fixed. I was wondering, when I do get my phone back, I want to change the housing back to that teal color.. what do you think about this? :S does changing the housing cause my phone to go blank and have a red blinking light everytime i try to charge it? I would appreciate your input about my situation. You can also contact me by email :

themonster2 said...

i change my housing and now my camera look black and white :s i need help now

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